A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Global warming has gone too far.


Now the whole galaxy is burning and you're the only hope for Earth.

With the best spacecraft ever built, fully loaded with ice cubes, your mission is to freeze anything that's moving in order to stop the galaxy global warming.


Made for a Godot game jam. Theme: procedural and 2 colors.

Levels follow some patterns, speed is increasing for each level passed.

Some sfx taken from Little Robot Sound Factory: www.littlerobotsoundfactory.com

The font is BM Army.

All other assets are made by myself.

Source at: https://github.com/keyrush/megafreeze

How to play

Made with Godot 2.1a first, then backported to version 2.0.3.

So use version 2.0.3 with the sources, or download the executable.

Controls: Mouse and button click only.


mega_freeze.zip 8 MB
mega_freeze.exe.zip 5 MB

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